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  • Boston Vegan Restaurant Vegetarian Restaurant in Cambrige, MA
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Veggie Galaxy
450 Massachusetts Avenue

Cambridge, MA 02139


(617) 497-1513


“In the end, diners are all about people, bringing them together, and making them happy.”

- Robert O. Williams , Hometown Diners

A note from Adam, founder:

I’ve always loved diners. I grew up on what I’ve recently learned was known as “Diner Island” (Long Island). I remember trips to diners with my Mom as I was growing up, but they were more the modern 1970s Mediterranean type diners; large and square, with stone exterior instead of stainless steel and menus that went on for pages and pages. Even then, there was something comfortable about diners, a sense of being out but being at home at the same time.
The kind of diner I grew to love later on is the classic “diner car” diner. The utter unpretentiousness of the diner car only accentuates that feeling of being at home. And of course the classic home-style cooking fills the bill, which was always affordable.

After becoming vegetarian, the menu selections at diners narrowed for me. No more Club sandwich, tuna melt or meatloaf. No Reuben, no BLT, no eggs Benedict with a nice thick slice of Canadian bacon. I still loved going to diners, but always ended up with either an omelet or pancakes.

I started to question, “what is it that makes a diner a diner?” Is it the feisty, but warm waitresses, quick with a cup of coffee and assumed familiarity? Is it the curved ceiling, the tiled floors, the classic stainless steel exterior? The cozy booths, the counter with stools that puts you right near the action at the grill? The reassuringly familiar menu? Breakfast-all-day? The wide range of customers, who mirror the diversity of America itself?

My wife and I visited diners all over Massachusetts, trying to discern the elusive “essence” that’s present in almost every diner…because by then I had decided that I wanted to open a diner where vegetarians could eat anything on the menu, and everything could be made vegan. What we found during our visits was that all of the characteristics mentioned above contribute to making a diner a diner, but ultimately we found the real answer in the pages of a book:

“In the end, diners are all about people, bringing them together, and making them happy.”

I couldn’t say it any better.

That’s what we try to be about at Veggie Galaxy. Please come visit us soon and let us know if we’re succeeding.


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Flavorful and healthy menu options to fit any palate. Don't forget, breakfast is served all day long!